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1. What is a serviced residence?
Serviced apartment is a residential apartment with hotel-like facilities and services. Short-term visitors who stays less than a year in Korea can use this type of accommodation. It features the same as average apartments, having separate rooms from kitchen and living room. It guarantees 24-hour security system, individual air-conditioning, and comfortable room services such as cleaning. You may have an access to facilities like sauna and swimming pool as well.
2. Is serviced apartment common in Korea?
Yes. Since Seoul has significantly grown as a global city, a number of foreign visitors has increased a lot. Many has opened recently. Our homepage shows number of serviced residences in Northern Seoul, Southern Seoul parts and Other parts of Seoul. Please check our lists.
3. How different is the serviced residences from hotels in terms of rates and services?
It depends on your choice of serviced residences, but in practice, serviced residence has more economical options. Furthermore, you can enjoy hotel-like services such as breakfasts, maiden services, room services, hotel lounge access and sports facility access, while staying serviced residences. But, it can vary under different circumstances, in accordance with your choice. Please check our web site.
4. Would they charge me extra, besides the room rates?
Yes. Hotels and serviced residences may charge you VAT (value added tax). But, it is reasonable, considering the fact that a private house or an apartment needs you to pay for building maintenance and utility fees, which include garbage cleaning fee, building cleaning fee, management fee, electricity, water and more. Gas is separate.
5. Whereabout in Seoul do you have service residences?
In many different regions, various serviced residences serve customers in Seoul. You can choose one near to your preferable region. Our web site lists up many into 3 distinguishable parts; North, South and Other Regions. Please check details from our web site.
6. What services do they provide?
It depends on where you are staying. Basically, average serviced residences provide 24-hour security system, maiden services (bedsheet & towel changes, vacuuming, etc), breakfast buffet, internet services, room services for food, water and call-a-taxi services at reception.
7. Is the longer the better?
Yes. If you stay more than 30 days in the same place, you can have a discount. Discounted rates can vary in accordance with the number of customers at the time of your stay and the company bylaws. Please contact our consultants through
8. Is the serviced residence popular among foreigner visitors?
Yes. Serviced residences are comparably new to the hotels with a long history in Seoul. But, the building facilities are more modern and cleaner, and most of them are affiliates of famous hotels so that the quality services are guaranteed.
9. How do I make a reservation?
Please examine our lists, and send us a request form through the "Request" tab on your left. Our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.
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