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Accommodation management for expatriates

Management of house and accommodation resided by expatriates

AceRent provides a comprehensive service from a simple real estate management to various and complex administration depending on real estate contract negotiation. For example, AceRent performs extensive work, even addressing problems with leasers, defect repair, rent payment and complaints from tenants that might arise in the future. Moreover, based on its long-standing knowhow and network of house management, AceRent meets increasingly various customer demands from facility management to renovation.

AceRent holds database specifying all its services and make a report on a regular basis to live up to the demand from customers. Therefore, customers can manage time efficiently and commit themselves to their core work through outsourcing.

  • Check important issues and provide evidence photos before the tenant moves in
  • Check and manage obligations, regulations and others that tenants need to follow during the lease period
  • Connect various facilities including gas, electricity, water, telephone, and the Internet
  • Purchase and rental of appliances, furniture and kitchenware
  • Defect repair at accommodations and address problems
  • Pay utility bills on customers' behalf
  • Management of rental contracts such as rental contract renewal or termination
  • Collect deposits and terminate utility contracts for customers at contract expiration
  • Provide emergency contacts in preparation of emergency situations
Accommodation management for expatriates Accommodation management for expatriates
Tel : +82-2-797-0330

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