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Coatel Chereville

Coatel Chereville
Address: 1330, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

COATEL, located in the central part of Korean business area, Teheran Valley, offers the largest scale service for the long-term travelers and businessmen with the best functions of Condominium, Office, Apartment. COATEL offer spacious, environmentally friendly living that protects your privacy with a state-of-the-art security system. And IT Business Floor offers you the best system of Hewlett-Packard Company business to enhance the best business efficiency. In addition, Enterprise Floor supports the discriminative policy of companies for overseas partners or staffs.

Floor Information

  • B3 ~ B6 : Underground parking lot
  • B2 : Fitness & Sauna
  • B1 : Restaurants and convenient facilities
  • Lobby : Front
  • Standard Floor (3th ~ 12th) : These floors are for long-term travelers and longstayers.
  • Family Floor (14th ~ 15th) : These floors are for temporary living spaces during house remodeling and removal and long-term stay of overseas Koreans.
  • IT Business Floor (16th ~ 18th) : These floors are business office of Hewlett-Packard Company for internet related business and establishment of venture companies.
  • Enterprize Floor (19th ~ 21th) : These floors are for domestic resident officers and executive directors of all the offices of multinational enterprises.


Room Type Size
Studio 18 pyung, 59㎡
1 bed room 27 pyung, 88㎡
2 bed room 37 pyung, 122㎡


  • Comfortable rooms that provide convenience and a relaxing complete with polished hard wood floors.
  • Every room is provided with cleam filtered air.
  • Shower area complete with bidet.
Coatel Chereville Studio Coatel Chereville Studio

1 bed room

  • Cozy atmosphere with modern design
  • A state-of-the-art kitchen
  • Clean filtered air system.
  • Fully furnished bathroom complete with bidet.
Coatel Chereville 1 Bed Room Coatel Chereville 1 Bed Room

2 bed rooms

  • Elegant atmosphere
  • Luxurious interior.
  • A state-of-the-art kitchen.
  • Fully furnished bathroom complete with bidet & powder room
Coatel Chereville 2 Bed Room Coatel Chereville 2 Bed Room Coatel Chereville 2 Bed Room


  • Fitness Club
  • Business Center
  • Restaurant


  • One Call Service : Our customer service hot line is always available for your neeeds, parking, laundry, Internet, etc.
  • Induction Cooking Range
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Individually Controlled Air-Conditioning and Heat
  • Cable TV and Satellite broadcasting
  • Fully furnished room
  • Room Made Service
  • Spacious parking with a security smart card
  • Free use of our fitness club
  • 50% discount Sauna with the finest bath facilities.
  • For our business guests we offer the use of two direct phone lines, to accommodate all your business communication needs.


Coatel Chereville Map

Coatel Chereville Map

Coatel is located in Gangnam-gu: the city's fastest growing commercial and financial district, adjacent to Teheran Road, Seoul's 'Techno Valley', where the offices of many multi-national and Korea's largest corporations are located.