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Cheongna Dalton School

Cheongna Dalton School
Address: 344, Cheomdandong-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon

CDS was founded by the Bongduk Education Foundation that established Hangaram High School in Seoul, Korea. Inspired by the success of Hangaram High School, the Foundation hoped to establish a school committing in pursuing the cultivation of the creativity, adaptability, self-motivation and leadership. In September of 2010, the Foundation made an agreement with the Dalton School in New York to launch the faithful innovation of education.

Qualification of student

  • a child of at least one foreign national
  • a child of a Korean national who has lived overseas for a minimum of three years

School Structure

  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • First Program
  • Middle School
  • High School

Tuition and Fees

  • Pre-Kindergarten 13,000,000 KRW + 6,000 USD
  • First Program 17,300,000 KRW + 6,000 USD
  • Middle School 19,000,000 KRW + 6,000 USD
  • High School 20,500,000 KRW + 6,000 USD
  • Application Fee 300,000 KRW
  • Capital Fee 4,000,000 KRW

Required Documents

  • Passport Copies
  • Proof of Eligibility
  • Agreement Forms
  • Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Official Results from Most Recent Standardized Tests
  • Medical Forms
  • School Bus and Dormitory Form

Application Steps

  • Submit Online Application Form
  • Pay Application Fee
  • Submit Supporting Documents
  • Admissions Department Review
  • Interview and testing
  • Enrollment Decision
Subjects written above can vary, under different conditions of a student and changing circumstances of a school. For more details, please contact our consultants.
Cheongna Dalton School Cheongna Dalton School
Cheongna Dalton School Cheongna Dalton School