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Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten (FFK)

Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten
Address: 90 Hannam-daero, Yongsan-ku, Seoul Korea

FFK takes its name from the founder of the Franciscan Fathers, St. Francis. Francis was born in Assisi, Italy in 1182 into a rich family. In order to put his ideal of love into practice, he gave up everything he had to the poor and began his mission in an area which was very troubled by wars and poverty. The Franciscan Fathers have continued his mission down through the centuries and today they dedicate their work to alleviating the sufferings of the poor, to the missions, to the education of young people; especially the little, and to social work. Here in Korea they have schools for the handicapped, homes for the elderly and they also work with patients of leprosaria. Their motto is LOVE FOR ALL especially the smallest. Located directly off of the main Hannam-dong Street our campus includes 2 buildings, 2 spacious outdoor playground, 2 indoor playgrounds, wading pool, and a rooftop garden. The classrooms and school are newly renovated, offering a child-centered and inquiry-based education for toddlers through kindergarten age children. Our Play School building is specifically designed for our toddler program with spacious learning centers, napping room and an indoor playground suitable for toddlers. Our main building, adjacent to our outdoor playground, contains our school office, as well as all preschool through kindergarten and specialist classrooms, activity room, Library and our indoor playground.

Qualification of student

  • Category One: Returning students currently enrolled at FFK,
  • Category Two: Siblings of students currently enrolled and attending FFK, if they meet the criteria under Category 3,
  • Category Three: Children with BOTH parents holding; (a) a foreign passport and Alien Registration Card; (b) Diplomatic Status or; SOFA status or its equivalent,
  • Category Four: Siblings of students enrolled and attending FFK, if they meet the criteria under Category 5,
  • Category Five: Children who hold DUAL CITIZENSHIP (Korean & Foreign) and Children with ONE parent holding a foreign passport and Alien registration Card

School Structure

  • Play school (2.5 years old)
  • Pre-school (3 years old)
  • K-1 (4years old)
  • K-2 (5years old)

Tuition and Fees

  • Registration fee New Students \500,000/Returning Students \350,000

Required Documents

  • Application Form
  • Foreign Passport and Alien Registration Card (Child & One Parent)
  • Medical and Immunization Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Size Photos (2)

Application Steps

  • Step1. Download the online Application Form from
  • Step2. Submit the completed application form to along with the following documents:

    One recent 3X4 size photo

    A photocopy of valid foreign passport (Child and Parent(s))

    A photocopy of alien registration card or ID (Child and Parent(s))

    Child’s Birth Certificate

    Child’s Immunization Records

  • Step3. Initial consultation with parents: Parents will be invited to visit the school to learn about the program, curriculum, fees, admission procedure and other relevant information followed by a tour of the school buildings.
  • Step4. Consultation with child: Interview/introduction with the school principal.
  • Step5. Approval/waiting list: If your child is accepted to FFK, a registration fee is payable, which secures the place for your child. (If no place is available at that time, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list)
Subjects written above can vary, under different conditions of a student and changing circumstances of a school. For more details, please contact our consultants.
Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten
Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten
Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten