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Lycee international Xavier

Lycee international Xavier

Lycée International Xavier was founded in March 2002 in order to cultivate humanitarian spirited people who will be able to interact harmoniously with people from different cultures in a multicultural world.

By finding the “Elan creator” of each student, we would like to educate our students to develop into people;

  • – who can think independently,
  • – who will be more open to understanding diverse cultures by learning English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Korean languages,
  • – who will always be autonomous and responsible global citizens.

We hope your children with these qualities become people who can help others develop their capacities wherever they are.

Qualification of student

  • Foreigner's child who is currently living in Korea
  • Korean who lived in other countries for more than 3 years.

School Structure

  • Primary school
  • Middle School
  • High School

Tuition and Fees

  • Primary school: KRW ₩5,907,500(fracais) / ₩10,790,000(Etrangers) ₩10,985,300(Coreens)
  • Middle School: KRW ₩6,029,563(fracais)/ ₩11,034,125(Etrangers) ₩11,234,308(Coreens)
  • High School: KRW ₩7,127,000(fracais)/ ₩13,154,000(Etrangers) ₩13,395,080(Coreens)

Required Documents

  • Registration Form
  • Photocopy of the passport of the pupil and the parents
  • Photocopy of the residence card
  • Certificate of cancellation or certificate of schooling from the previous institiution
  • Medical file completed and signed by a doctor and photocopy of vaccination certificates
  • Extract of birth certificate or photocopy of the family record book
  • 3 recent passport photos and a digital photograph(JPG and PNG)
  • School records”
  • Elementary school: School record established by the previous school
  • Entrance to the college: complete file of the year of CM2 with decision of passage in6th
  • College and high school: quarterly or semi-annual newsletters for the past three years detailing decisions to move to the next grade/Record of the marks obtained in the first baccalaureate exams

Application Steps

  • Registration is done online on Eduka
  • Appointment request: interview and level tests
Subjects written above can vary, under different conditions of a student and changing circumstances of a school. For more details, please contact our consultants.
Lycee international Xavier Lycee international Xavier
Lycee international Xavier Lycee international Xavier
Lycee international Xavier Lycee international Xavier
Lycee international Xavier Lycee international Xavier